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Catherine House Adelaide – Providing Solutions That Change Lives

Catherine House provides supported accommodation services to women experiencing homelessness in South Australia, who are 18 years and older, and unaccompanied by children.
Catherine House Inc was founded in 1988, as a partnership between the Sisters of Mercy, SA Housing Trust and the Adelaide City Council, to address an unmet service need for  women experiencing homelessness.
In the subsequent thirty years the organisation has both grown and refined its model, and is now recognised as Adelaide’s only recovery based service for women experiencing homelessness.  We believe that every woman is a woman of potential, with capacity and capability, and the right to the choices that lead to a dignified life.
Our recovery model  includes two  mental health programs, as well as large number of in reach services from government and private providers, and pro bono partnerships with private providers, ensuring that each woman has the opportunity to link with the services she needs to recover from the issues that brought her into homelessness.
Key to our success is our education services which develop not only practical skills such as literacy and numeracy, job seeking, but also a self-development course that helps women who have experienced trauma to rediscover their voice, learn to make good decisions for themselves, and make plans for their future.
Our success has been recognised by Community Housing Providers, who report that Catherine House clients make good tenants because they have made steps towards stability and recovery, and are well-supported.
Across the organisation, we accommodate 48 women on a nightly basis.