About Us

Healing Through Love was founded in April 2018 by four amazing Adelaide business women that share similar values of hope, love, kindness, and empathy:

  • Natasha Olsen,
  • Sharlene Lynch,
  • Rachael Bainbridge, and
  • Rima Tashman

Healing Through Love’s vision is to shift awareness on Domestic Violence within the Community and support survivors regardless of gender, sexual identity, race, age, culture, ethnicity, religion, disability, economic status, or location.

Within the short time it has been established, Healing Through Love now a full Committee of eight. All ladies, from differing backgrounds, are survivors of domestic violence and share similar values and passions in this area.


Natasha Olsen

President & Founding Member

Natasha Olsen, Healing Through Love, About UsNatasha Olsen has a caring and friendly nature and is very passionate about helping others. Always wanting to give back to the community, Natasha has been a volunteer for various not for profit organizations since age 17.

In 2018, Natasha got together with three like minded women, Sharlene, Rachael and Rima and formed Healing Through Love. Being a survivor herself, Natasha wanted to form an organization that could help women and shift awareness on domestic violence.

Natasha has worked in many industries including real estate, retail and small business. She started up a cleaning business in Adelaide in 2012 with the aim to bring a higher standard to the cleaning industry.

“My cleaning team consists of single parents trying to support their families, men and women recovering from illness and people out of work with University degrees. They all needed someone to give them a chance and help them move forward in their lives. Since they started working for me, I have seen these wonderful men and women grow and become much more confident. Very empowering!”

Natasha is also co-founder of Authors Once & Again. A group of new and experienced writers come together to share, write and support each other.


Sharlene Lynch

Vice-President & Founding Member

Sharlene Lynch, Healing Through Love, About Us, Vice-PresidentSharlene Lynch is a born and bred South Aussie. Among her many achievements and passions, Sharlene is a founding member of the Healing Through Love initiative, she is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who runs a Business Coaching program, a key note speaker on all things mindset, runs a successful multi-level marketing business, and facilitates a weekly Beauty School. Sharlene is also the serving Chief of the Speakers Institute S.A. Tribe. She loves face-to-face interaction, assisting others to develop themselves in finding their voice and to share their message, is an enthusiastic community advocate involved in a wide variety of projects, and is always keen to assist where she can.


Rachael Bainbridge

Founding Member

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Rima Tashman

Founding Member

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Rose Davidson


Rose Davidson, Healing Through Love, About Us, Secretary, DOESBizRose is a mature aged, young at heart woman (a little on the eccentric side) and married with 3 grown up children. Three fur babies are a part of her at home Family; Archer (a Kelpie Cross), Bluey (a silvery grey tabby cat), and Artemis (a black mixed breed); and 2 lorikeets (both foundlings).

She has a ‘no nonsense no ‘fluff’ attitude however, a kind and caring heart and personality to match. Sounds like a bit of a paradox.

As an advocate for Social Justice and an avid campaigner against all forms of abuse, Rose is passionate about equality and justice for all.

Since migrating from Canada at the age of 12, Rose have had the opportunity to live in all states within Australia except one.  Her tapestry of travel emulates the broad experience she has gained in her extensive career.

With more than 35 years’ experience in high-level admin roles, both in the public and private sector, Rose’s career portfolio spans federal government, sporting organisations and small business ownership.

Rose has volunteered in several organisations including UN Women (International Women’s Day Co-Event Coordinator), Oasis Wimmera (Immigrant Support Group – Board member and Event Coordinator), and the Rotary Club of Horsham (Vic), and in 2018 became the Secretary of ‘Healing Through Love‘; whose vision is to shift awareness on Domestic Violence within the Community and support survivors; and Secretary of FADVAN (Family and Domestic Violence Advocacy Network).


Jillian Harris


Jillian Harris, Healing Through Love, Treasurer


Lorelle Molde

Community Liaison

Lorelle Molde, Healing Through Love, Community Liaison


Clare Jobson

Legal Advisor

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Trevor Hayley

Public Officer