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8 Hidden Behaviors Of A Bully

Bullying is as old as humanity and rises from a single primordial source: fear. Fear is a common emotion for everyone and everyone deals with their own fear in different ways. Some ways are healthy and rational and some are destructive and harmful. A bully, at heart, is afraid. They are insecure in their feelings about themselves and… Continue reading 8 Hidden Behaviors Of A Bully

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Family, domestic and sexual violence in Australia, 2018

Family, domestic and sexual violence is a major health and welfare issue. It occurs across all ages, socioeconomic and demographic groups but mainly affects women and children. Indigenous women, young women and pregnant women are particularly at risk. This report explores the extent, impact and cost of family, domestic and sexual violence in Australia, and looks at what could be done to fill important data gaps.

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Newspaper Article with Paula Leuthen

A litany of desperate people were discovered as Paula Luethen knocked on their doors in the northern suburbs. Saddened but not surprised, the MP reveals what horrors she heard and how she wants to fix them.


Family Law Act 1975 (Cth)

The courts recognise the close connection between family breakdown and violence, and the detrimental impact on both adult victims and children living with family violence. Protecting family members, and particularly children, from the effects of family violence is central to all determinations of what is in a child’s best interest. Ensuring the safety of all people engaged in the family law system, including when attending court, is also a high priority for the courts.

Healing Through Love, Small Business
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Modern Awards to insert a model domestic violence clause into the awards to allow employees to access 5 unpaid days where they can provide reasonable proof that they are experiencing family or domestic violence issues.